About Sandra

Sandra was conceived under the stars next to 2 goats in the West Indies. It was only after her parents had finished, they realised their tent had been nicked. When she was born the midwife slapped her mother twice, and said her daughter had been cursed with an addiction and should leave the island to survive. So in order to give Sandra the best chance, Sandra was tearfully placed in a moses basket, which was tied to the back of a cruise-liner heading for the UK.

On arriving in the UK, Sandra was taken in by a commune in Kings Cross in London. Each night she would bask in the red glow that shone from the porch lights in the front of the house. As she grew older she would help to feed the household that had taken her in, and it was here she developed her signature dish of rice and peas. By the time Sandra was 16 years old, Sandra could take 3 cocks at a time, and sold second-hand watches that she "acquired" to help make ends meet. She finally saved up enough money, and could eventually afford to fly her mum and dad to the UK to join her. She moved out of the commune and in with her parents in Lower Swiss Cottage.

Despite moving to the UK, Sandra's addiction didn't go away, and could only be satisified if she had at least 4 cocks a day. She became known in the local area, and even today can be found frequenting Hampstead Heath, on a sunny day. After chatting with Paul O'Grady she entered the drag scene and became a sucessful performer, and it was the perfect way to satisfy her addiction. Most venues where she performs now has an orderly queue waiting for her...

Given her success, she was able to upgrade the family home and she now lives in Upper Swiss Cottage. A local campaigner in the area, she has formed several petitions to pressure local councils to re-open public toilets which have been closed down in the area, as this is something which is very close to her heart. Sandra still has a tough life, behind the scenes. She dutifully visits her mum in Holloway prison each week, and her father each night in hospital. Her father was recently hospitalised due to hypothermia after shoplifting some turkey twizzlers from Iceland down the front of his trousers. So please show your support for Sandra the next time you see her. xxx


Sandra was conceived under the stars in the West Indies.

The UK

She was sent to the UK wrapped in a moses basket.


In the commune she unlocked her cooking talent of rice and peas.


Talking to Paul O'Grady she was persuaded to join the stage.


She saved money to fly her parents to join her in the UK.


Sandra is now the queen of all drag queens.

The Show

Sandra has been performing up and down the country and beyond for more years than she can remember. Starting young, her show has evolved over time and is a mix of hit songs interspersed with sharp wit and a bit of audience participation. In fact the more responsive the audience, the more moist she becomes, so you are advised to keep a damp cloth handy. Some of her routines have become synonymous with Sandra, such as Brown Girl in the Ring, sung in the only way Sandra knows how. Sandra often asks for help from the audience and as the many videos on youtube show, she is never short of volunteers. However, no words can truely sum up one of Sandra's shows, so the best thing to do, is to look at the dates page and get yourself along to one of her performances, you won't be disappointed. Also below is a taste of Sandra in action, so make sure you've got your sound on and get watching.

Brown Girl In The Ring

Upcoming Dates

Find out if Sandra is performing near you over the coming month.
01 February 2019
Halfway to Heaven
Charing Cross
03 February 2019
Two Brewers
06 February 2019
Central Station
Kings Cross
06 February 2019
Two Brewers
07 February 2019
Admiral Duncan
10 February 2019
Two Brewers
14 February 2019
Admiral Duncan
15 February 2019
Old Ship
16 February 2019
17 February 2019
Two Brewers
20 February 2019
Central Station
Kings Cross
21 February 2019
Admiral Duncan
22 February 2019
Village Inn
23 February 2019
George and Dragon
24 February 2019
Gay Times Tango
Brixton Town Hall
24 February 2019
Two Brewers
27 February 2019
Two Brewers
28 February 2019
Admiral Duncan

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Sandra's Guide to Cruising

I am not very good with faces, but I never forget a cock. I can be in completely pitch black dark room, and I can tell by the bumps on the cock whether I've had it before. It's like a blind man reading brail.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a size queen, as long as it is not a stump, then I am happy. Although if the guy is sporting a big cock, then I certainly won't turn it down.

The first tip is know the area, I can draw a map of hampstead heath on the back of my hand with my eyes shut. You need to know where the best is going to be, otherwise you'll end up with a minger.

The next tip is weather, make sure it has been dry for a few days, otherwise on your way home you'll have a saggy arse, and that won't be from the sex.

When you've found a potential shag, you need to have a good feel first. Put your hand down there and have a good rumage. If you feel any bumps that shouldn't there, or something oozing which doesn't smell very nice, then it's best to find out now, rather than when you put your mouth around it.

Don't be too choosey. A nice cock is better than a nice face. If you end up with a shag who prefers to look at pictures of himself and has a cock like a button mushroom, you know he is going to be having more fun than you are.


Sometimes the best cock, is not always the easiest. If you end up with someone from care in the community, remember that you may need to give him his bus fare home.

Finally when you've finished, don't leave the bushes/toilet/undergrowth at the same time as your shag. You don't want to have to explain what you were doing to his wife.

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